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MIT Conference: Wood in 21st century - design and preservation of contemporary and historic architecture

Human needs and human greed has polluted our Earth in an irreversible way. If it continues, our future generation will not be able to see the real beauty of nature. Sustainable development, hence, is the only known solution to provide our future generation the resources they deserve.

A conference organized by MIT (Massachusetts Institute Of Technology) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, also aims for the same. The conference named ‘’Wood in 21st century: design and preservation of contemporary and historic architecture’’ was held from 24 to 26 March 2012. The venue was MIT’s School of Architecture and Planning. It is hosted by Technology and conservation, MIT’s department of Architecture and the Boston Society of Architects. It aims at gaining the knowledge about the use of wood in past as ornaments, architecture, construction and fabrication of structures and to promote and specify the features of wood used now and how these features can affect the performance of wood and its durability. This conference also throws light on the development in wood based materials and technological advancements in its use in construction, restoration or preservation projects. Several case histories have also been taken into account in order to compare the use of wood in historic period and its use in the modern world.

This conference provided a common platform for architects, wood constructors, carpenters, engineers, schools and students, investors, interior decorators and many others related to art, construction and designing. Although wood is being used extensively these day, either it is wood furniture, wood ornaments, wood decoration or wood floors all these have become very popular. The wood floors have become the new trend in flooring, even if cleaning wood floors is not an easy job with respect to other flooring types people love to have it. You can see the major brands have launched separate wood floor cleaner such as vacuum cleaners, mops, liquid cleaners, etc…. only because of its increasing popularity.

This gathering of people from different areas gives an opportunity to exchange innovative ideas. The organizers have emphasized on energy efficient and sustainable methods and technologies of construction using wood for both large scale and small scale industries. Ramboll director Simon Smith has also taken part who has contributed in research of constitution of timber and is still continuously trying to find out more uses of timber. He explained the cross laminated timber and other engineered wood structures during his speech. Below you can see a quick demonstration of engineered wood floors:

Images: TopHomeTech

This conference has prepared a road map for use of wood in different fields and that also efficiently without destroying the beauty of the Earth. But still there is a long way to go. Hope this initiation will bring sustainable development on the main focus of all intellectual living beings.